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Natural Health & Weight Loss, Inc.

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Natural Health & Weight Loss, a center devoted to the functional analysis of slow metabolism and chronic health conditions that often results in weight gain.

Dr. Jonathan J.  Widenbaum, PhD, CNC, CHNP, DAANC, the founder & clinic director has been serving the bay area for over 25 years focused on finding solutions for people suffering with low metabolism, weight gain and chronic health conditions. These include symptoms such as fatigue, blood sugar swings, painful muscles, numb/burning or painful feet, poor gut health and brain fog to name a few.

Dr. Widenbaum found that the immune system was the common denominator among many of these conditions. We use a scientific and natural approach that uncovers the hidden mechanisms that cause low metabolism, fat storage and the inability to lose weight. These include fat burning and fat storing hormones as well as brain chemistry imbalances that can cause emotional eating.

We then work systematically to increase your metabolism through a customized diet, detoxification, supplementation, lipo-laser lipolysis, brain-based therapies and lifestyle changes.

Dr. Widenbaum has a Doctorate degree in Holistic Nutrition and distinguished as a Certified Nutritional Specialist from the prestigious American Association of Nutritional Consultants of which he has been honored as a diplomat member. As a Holistic Practitioner, he is thoroughly trained in functional nutrition (often called functional medicine) including functional endocrinology, functional immunology, functional blood chemistry as well as brain chemistry analysis. 

Dr. Widenbaum attended Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan prior to graduating from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles, CA in 1988. Since then he has helped over 17,000 people with chronic health conditions improve their quality of life without the use of drugs of surgery. He has been in his current location in Dublin, CA for over 25 years.

His mission is to add value to your life!

"What i want for my clients is what i want for my family - a healthcare provider who listens to my goals, concerns, and fears and addresses them in a kind and compassionate way. I want to know what holistic, alternative and proactive measures are available to my family and myself - empowering me to build and support my health throughout the different stages of my life, preventing any need for prescription medications or surgeries. I want a provider who believes in the body's intrinsic ability to heal. I want someone who courageously seeks to discover the root causes of my ailments when they are unclear. I want a practitioner who collaborates with me to achieve and maintain my highest health potential." - Dr. Jon

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